Government Training

This intensive (one-on-one) accelerated French language training is ideal for all, especially public servants!

We are registered as Service Suppliers for the Government of Canada and are available on  We are quite proud to say that a number of the existing and past trainees with us are public servants, all of them very successful in their training!

Also, the list of professional french vocabulary (le Vocabulaire Impératif Professionnel) that you will obtain with your training is very suitable for a Government workplace!

The training will help you meet all the requirements for the Second Language Evaluation (SLE) tests!  We regularly refer to documents available from the Canada School of Public Service during training! 

We are also conveniently located downtown Ottawa.   It would also be a pleasure for us to meet you as well as to offer you trainingat your location.

Please contact us now to begin training! 

Thank you kindly!